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Testing SMARTEAM service packs, upgrades, and system changes is wise because problems with any of these things can cause serious disruptions to users (and no system admin needs unwanted attention). The conventional approach to testing a system like SMARTEAM is to buy test hardware that is either exactly like production hardware, or a close approximation. As people take this to the extreme (approximating 4 SMARTEAM servers with 1 test server), the validity of the testing starts to break down because important inter-server communication isn't being tested. Using virtual computers is a good solution to these two competing demands:

  • the test system has to cost a fraction of the production system
  • the test system should approximate the function of the production system

Both VirtualPC and VMWare are off-the-shelf solutions for creating virtual computers, but we'll focus on VMWare here.

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VMWare is a piece of software that runs on your PC. Your PC becomes known as the host machine in this scenario. Once you run the software on your host, you have the ability to create one or more guest machines. Each of these guest machines will act like an independent computer when they are running. To do this, they will use a portion of the host machine's resources.

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