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As with any software package, the path for upgrading is determined by the version you plan to upgrade to and the version you are upgrading from. The table below provides links to information for the particular upgrade you plan to perform.

Upgrade Table
To Version
V5R10 V5R11 V5R12 V5R13 V5R14


4.0 Link Link Link Link Link
V5R10 Link Link Link Link
V5R11 Link Link Link
V5R12 Link Link
V5R13 Link

As with any upgrade, you should be careful to consult the software documentation to be sure that you have the proper hardware and software prerequisites for the new version. Also, since SMARTEAM is such a complex system and frequently affects multiple users in the enterprise, you should perform testing on the upgraded version and on the upgrade process before touching the production system. To reduce the time, effort, and costs associated with upgrade testing, consider performing virtual testing using systems like VMWare or VirtualPC.

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