This is a Wiki dedicated to SMARTEAM, a PLM (or 'product lifecycle management') tool used by engineering and manufacturing companies to manage their design information. Its a great tool, but lacks sufficient documentation, so I am hoping to start a grassroots documentation effort for it here.

Background Information Edit

SMARTEAM is a Windows-based PLM system owned by SmarTeam (a Dassault Systems subsidiary) and used with major CAD tools like CATIA, SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, SolidEdge, Pro/Engineer, and Unigraphics. Its core functionality developed from a file management tool for CAD systems, but various SMARTEAM modules extend its capabilities into areas like automated workflow, BOM management and program (project) management. SmarTeam (the company) offers other modules for SMARTEAM (the product) to extend its architecture, including integrations to MS Office, MS Project, Viso and others. There are modules to provide web interfaces into the system, to provide a portal for supply chain collaboration, and to make the system available asynchronously across multiple sites.

Its main goal is to be able to organise and maintain revision control of all the data (not just CAD) connected to a product from its inital conception through its entire life until it is obsolete.

SMARTEAM Products Edit

  • Foundation
  • Editor
  • MS Office Integrations
    • Word
    • Excel
    • Project
    • Visio
  • CAD Integrations
    • SolidWorks Integration
    • CATIA Integration
    • AutoCAD Integration
    • Solid Edge Integration
    • Inventor Integration
    • Pro Engineer Integration
    • Unigraphics Integration
    • SDRC Integration
    • ME10 Integration
  • Workflow
  • BOM Management
  • Web Products
    • Web Editor
    • Navigator
    • Community Workspace
  • Multi-Site
  • Gateway
    • Oracle Adapter
    • SAP Adapter
  • Program Management
  • Industry / Best Practice Templates
    • FDA Compliance
    • Electrical and Electronics

3rd Party Products Edit

  • Database
    • Oracle
    • SQL Server / MSDE
    • DB2
    • Interbase (phased out in V5R11)
  • Licensing
    • IBM's LUM
    • HASP (phased out in V5R12)

SMARTEAM Versions Edit

How-To Edit

SMARTEAM is complex software requiring the interoperation of several other complex pieces of software like Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, LUM, IIS, Websphere, Microsoft Indexing Service, etc. Because there is often more to the installation or upgrade of the system than the documentation describes, it may be helpful to reference this information:

Frequently Asked Questions Edit

These SMARTEAM FAQs include any information related to SMARTEAM in a popular Question/Answer format.

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